Sierra Fly Fishers

Drift Boat Guided Trip

Planning Guide



Note:  All flies are to be barbless and all fishing is catch and release. Please revive and release fish as quickly as possible and keep the fish in water as much as possible when photographing.


Payment and Cancellation Policy:  Remainder (if any) of balance is due the day of the trip. Credit card payments should be made to Sierra Fly Fishers. A deposit of 50% is required when the trip is booked. Cash or check payments can be made the day of the trip for the balance. Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled meeting time will be non-refundable. If cancellation occurs before this time, client may be liable for up to 50% as a non-refundable deposit.


Emergency/Contingency Plans:  In the event of an emergency or other circumstance that prevents you from reaching the meeting place on time, please call us and leave a detailed message including the time at which you left the message and a phone number at which we can reach you at. 


Meeting Time and Location: We will meet at the Hwy 20 bridge at Parks Bar at 7:30 AM unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. If you plan on driving up in the morning, be aware that Tule fog is common in the fall and winter; allow some extra time for slow going. Your guided day will conclude at approximately 5:30 pm. We will be back to your car by 6PM unless otherwise arranged. Drive time from the Bay Area is about 2 – 2.5 hours.




Take I-80 E to Sacramento.




Merge onto I-5 N / CA-99 N.

3.6 miles



Merge onto CA-70 N toward YUBA CITY / MARYSVILLE.

34.4 miles



Turn RIGHT onto CA-20 / CA-70 / 9TH ST.

0.2 miles



Turn LEFT onto CA-20 / CA-70 / B ST.

0.2 miles



Turn RIGHT onto CA-20 / 12TH ST. Continue to follow CA-20.

16.7 miles



End at Parks Bar Quarry: East side under the bridge.
7561 State Highway 20, Smartville, CA 95977, US




Lodging: (You are responsible for your own lodging). 

Motels are available.

In Marysville: Budget Inn Marysville 230 E St, Marysville, CA - Get Map 530-741-1100.


Campers or persons with RVs may stay at Sycamore Ranch 5390 State Highway 20, Browns Valley, CA - Get Map 530-741-1190 on the Yuba River.


Meals: Lunch and beverages are included. If you have special dietary requirements notify your guide prior to the trip.


Weather and Clothing: It is always best to check the weather forecast for the area will be fishing a few days prior to your trip. As a general rule, mornings and evenings are cool to cold depending on the season.  Afternoon is the warmest part of the day.  Layered clothing is good; you can shed layers as the day warms. During the winter and spring pack raingear. Wind can be a factor in the spring and fall.



Recommended Fishing Equipment


You are responsible for providing you own terminal tackle, i.e. leader, tippet, indicators, split-shot and flies.  Use the following "Recommended Fishing Equipment" and "Recommended Flies" checklists to help you prepare for your guided trip. If you call the shop ahead of time and place an order, your guide will bring the terminal tackle and flies you need to your guided trip. *Note: The less gear in the boat the better, a clean boat will result in fewer tangles. Upon request, Sierra Fly Fishers will supply a rod, reel, and wading staff for no additional charge. A small charge will apply for terminal tackle and flies for those without. This fee usually is $10-20 per person and will be billed after the trip.


     Fly Rod,  9–10 feet, balanced for 6-7 weight line

     Chest waders and wading belt (wet wading is ok in the summer from June-August for the hardy. Water temperatures stay around 50-60 degrees all year)

     Wading boots - FELT SOLES ONLY, STUDS recommended

     Wading staff (optional, but good if you’re not steady on your feet)

     Fly reel with a WF or DT floating line that matches the weight of your fly rod

     Removable tin split shot (BB, AB, AAA)

     3x, 4x, 5x tippet material (fluorocarbon is good, but optional)

     7.5’ to 10’ 3X tapered leader

     Adjustable indicator (s), size large (corkie, yarn)

     Small gear bag, vest, or chest pack

     Polarized sunglasses - highly recommended

     Line nippers

     Fly floatant (for greasing indicator)


     Sunscreen and lip balm SPF 30-45

     Cap or hat to block the sun

     Valid CA steelhead Report Card and Bay/Delta stamp - required

     Valid CA fishing license – required



Recommended Flies


Use the following checklist to help stock your fly box for your trip.  Keep in mind that this is a broad list.  You do not need all the flies listed, but should have a fair representation of the following:


      Flashback Pheasant tail #16, 18

      Kyle’s Beerhead Baetis #16-18


      Fox Poopah – tan #14, 16

      Mercer's Micro Mayfly - olive #16,18


      Steelhead Baetis #16

      Trina’s Bubble back nymph – olive #16


      Fox Poopah - olive #14, 16

      Pettis unreal egg – shrimp pink #12


      Birds nest – olive w/black bead #12-14

      Pettis unreal egg – burnt orange #12


      Prince nymph #12-16

      Fertilizer – shell pink #8


      Mercer's Micro Mayfly - brown #14-16

      Glow bug – peach, champagne #6-12


      San Juan Worm – red, earth #12

      Glow bug – gold nugget, Oregon Cheese #6-12


      March Brown Dry and Emerger #12-14

      Pale Morning Dun Dry and Emerger #12-14


      Stimulator – Olive or Yellow body  #8-10

     Lawson’s PMD Cripple #16-18


      Bullet Head Skwalla Stone #8-10

      Cutter’s EC Caddis #14-18


     Pink Caddis #16-18



      X-Wing Caddis #16-18






Guided Trip

Waiver of Liability


The undersigned (Client) agrees that fishing and boating is a risk sport and as such many life threatening conditions may be encountered. Client may be participating in whitewater boating, wading and other activities that may be hazardous. Client agrees that they are physically able to perform these functions without physical assistance being rendered on Owner’s part.


Client, being of lawful age, does release, acquit, and forever discharge Grant Fraser and Sierra Fly Fishers, herein referred to as Owner, of 235 Katherine Way, Auburn, Placer County, CA 95603, from all actions, claims, demands, or damages accruing to Client resulting from any known or unknown injury, loss, or damage, sustained as a result of Client participating in any guide trips that Sierra Fly Fishers or any of its agents may be involved in with Client.


This waiver must be signed and returned in order to participate in guided trips with Sierra Fly Fishers.









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